Donno - Former TV personality, Professional Sports Person and Business Executive

Networking Do's and Dont's

The more people you meet the more people who can help you. BUT

I have been working with a few clients who go to all these events and meet a lot of people, pass out business cards to see when they get back to the office email after email of these people selling stuff and pushing and pushing.

Personally I find this offensive. Sure Networking can be fun and extremely helpful. There are groups out there who can generate literally $10,000's of revenue but when it comes to using network as a way to bombard other businesses with your products or services best to give it time. I believe there must be some sort of networking etiquette that must be practiced.

Here at The Small Business Warehouse our members do create small networking hubs and meet regularly but this is seen as an event to catch up and talk strategy and bring insightful new ideas to supporting other members. If there are opportunities and people are interested then by all means send an email a text or a call, but not an email everyday with 'a great offer.'

I have just seen this lady's email and from her initial meeting with the group 6 days to now she has 8 emails. I am assuming that they have put her into mail chimp or a data base with push notifications and she has another 4 from another business.

I am not sure what your thoughts are and I might put it on our forum for comment but what would you suggest would be the right way to build your business via networking groups and forums.

I believe that you should be part of as many networking groups as possible. We have a list of free Face Book groups within our members pages and we welcome you to join the groups that are close to you but what are your thoughts about good networking skills and the do's and do not's? We are all different but are you there just to push your products and services or are you there to build your network and possible group referrals?