Welcome To The Small Business Warehouse

'Representing and supporting small businesses and rewarding those who support you'

Welcome and thank you for your interest in joining The Small Business Warehouse.

This initiative was created to do what we can to minimise the number of failing small businesses.


An all in one resource for all small business owners, your staff and your family:

Promotion / Mentoring, Coaching and Support / Networking Hubs Including Gala Days / Customer Rewards / Online Sales Direct From Your Listing / Local & International Events / Staff Development / Job Board / Local & International Business Opportunities / Family Events Many More Initiatives To Come.


The Small Business Warehouse is a new global business initiative representing and supporting small businesses. Established in Australia designed to be the go to place which people will use to support and purchase services and products directly from small businesses from around the world.

We would like to welcome you and thank you for your interest in being part of The Small Business Warehouse. Once your business joins and have chosen the business builder membership (We Highly Recommend), you will receive our initiatives, training, mentoring, networking and events and it also includes your team.The Small Business Warehouse operates in 2 ways, Externally and Internally.


Our focus is encouraging people to support the small businesses which we represent and a great deal of our resources go towards advertising the group.


We provide our business members with support, development and business opportunities both online and face to face.


Our coaching and mentoring team are real people, retired CEO's, profiled people and business people with a proven track record when it comes to business. Our people know what it's like to have failed and achieved success, they are the people we are looking for when working with our business members. Our dedication is towards bringing you customers, clients whilst providing you, your team and your family with a dedicated support and development system as well as have a little fun gala days coming soon.


We are launching our new SBW Loyalty Program which we feel will be a game changer. Each business will invite customers and clients to join our free SBW Loyalty Club and they will receive discounts, special offers, VIP nights and other benefits from our businesses. By including a group loyalty program customers will gain benefits and incentives from supporting the businesses within our group. All members will receive notifications each month to support those within our group and now that each business who joins receives their own business listing together with an integrated shop customers can purchase products and services from you directly from our site.


We have 3 options and we ask that all small businesses consider at least one of the options.

This is a new initiative and will take a little time to develop however we trust you will enjoy being a member of The Small Business Warehouse and we hope you enjoy the benefits.


Be part of the small business initiative, created to promote and support small businesses.


Listing Member

$99.00 Per YearNo Contracts, Cancel Anytime
  • Business listing
  • Event listing
  • Online Shop integrated into listing
  • SBW Loyalty Club for your customers
  • * Prices Inclusive AUD

Business Builder - Yearly

$10.00 Per Week$520.00 Yearly Plan
  • Office Support
  • Dedicated Development Officer
  • Business Listing
  • Event Listing
  • Online Shop Integrated Into Your Listing
  • SBW Loyalty Club For Your Customers
  • 2 x Weekly Group Training Sessions Online With Our Coaching & Mentoring Team (Your staff are welcome to participate.)
  • 1 x Weekly Small Talk Business Presentation - Live Interactive Podcast - Business owners and management team.
  • Free Job Posts Within Our Professional Job Board www.sbwjobsearch.com
  • In-House Services. HR, Virtual Assistant, HR Services
  • Forums & Members Support
  • Members Social Groups
  • TSBW Networking Events*
  • Gala Days Associated With Your TSBW Hub*
  • Invitation To 'Cruisin' Family Event
  • Invitation To International Executive Tour
  • * Prices Inclusive AUD

Business Builder Benefits


Our main focus is encouraging people to support the people within our group. We spend a large proportion of resources advertising the site to the general public encouraging people to support you. Using your self managed listing we ask you to put as much information as possible into your online listing as this will be the main place people will go to, you can put unlimited photo's, special offers, Links, and if you have an event you can now let everyone know. We have a shop integrated into your listing and can now sell products directly from our site.


Your group has a dedicated development officer and support team. These people are responsible for co-ordinating events, group gala days, our international events and assisting you and your team any way we can.

We do offer other add-on specialty services please look at our in-house services to find out more.


As part of your listing you can now create your own store and sell products directly within your listing. Never miss a sale. We charge a 5% fee transaction fee.

SMALL TALK - PODCAST - For business owners

Small Talk - is our weekly live interactive podcast hosted by sporting and TV personalities Glenn 'Donno' Donaldson and Rob 'Mac' McKelvie. Each Wednesday they will talk about business and interview regarding business. This should be an essential to do event for all business owners and their management team. You can get involved and ask questions and all sessions are recorded and posted into our website.


Dedicated to you and your team to enhance your business and team development

Each week excluding school holidays. You and your team can enjoy Tuesday and Thursday group coaching and mentoring sessions online with our development and coaching team.  You can ask questions relating to your business and your team can ask for tips on selling, customer service etc. Please see website for details.


The game changer. Our SBW Loyalty Program is dedicated to your customers. By inviting your customers to join our free program they will receive discounts, specials, VIP evenings and other benefits from our business members. If all of our businesses take part in the initiative we can encourage your clients and customers to support our group, share customers and encourage people to use this website and visit your store. Now we have introduced your integrated shop within your listing people can by directly from your listing, never miss a sale again.


Our members enjoy free unlimited job listing within our professional job search website. SBW Jobsearch is a professional job board powered by Zip Recruiter.




Members only in house business products and services. Such as virtual assistant, telemarketing, customer feedback and appointment setting. Special rates with one on one coaching with our coaches.


Our SBW Networking Hubs are very important when coming to the growth of your business.

Every business associated with your hub will be actively promoting and supporting you either via our SBW Loyalty Program or directly.

Generally meet once or twice a month pending on your group requirements as well as our inter-hub gala days and other events.

Our gala days mean that you compete with other hubs from other regions in fun activities designed to encourage active rivalries and fun.

Our general networking (Hub) events are to mingle and talk about whats going on in your business special offers and events that you have so that everyone can refer people to you and you to them.

Because we have our online guest speakers and education activities weekly use this as a social event. One of the greatest parts of being part of a business group are building strong relationships and providing referrals.

Create your SBW Networking Hub.


We pay a 20% referral fee (Recurring) We thank you for assisting us to get the initiative out.

  • International Business Tour - China (Management)
  • Chill Out Cruise - Network Event (Business Owners, Families)
  • Inter-Hub Gala Day Paint Ball Challenge - (Staff, Families.)
  • Inter-Hub Gala Day Golf Challenge - (Staff, Families.)
  • Inter-Hub Gala Day Indoor Sports Challenge - (Staff, Families.)
  • Inter-Hub National Finals

Inter-Hub Gala Events are held every 3 months Hubs will compete against other hubs. This will also be our charity drive where $5.00 per person who takes part in the events will go to a local charity of the hubs choice.

A Few Of Your Wonderful Coaches & Mentors


Business Coach/Former CEO


Marketing/Former Media Executive


Team Management


Business Coach/Current CEO


Motivation Speaker