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  • Hotbodz is the importer of HotBodz Sauna beds. Perfect for home use, or for health, massage and well being businesses.

    Discover How to Detox
    • Lose Weight
    • Have a Better Night’s Sleep
    • Relax & Rejuvenate
    • Relieves Aches & Pains
    • Accelerates Healing
    All Just By Laying Down


    Far Infrared Saunas are clinically proven to promote weight loss, reduce the risk of cancer, relieve pain, reduce blood pressure and reverse heart disease.

    The infrared radiant waves penetrate deep into the skin and tissue, up to 4 to 6cms, assisting in the elimination of deep set toxins (heavy metals, pesticide residues, carcinogenic materials and body fat) as well as promoting beneficial results in a wide variety of illnesses and injuries, anti-ageing and general wellbeing.

    Some of the many benefits of regular Infrared Sauna sessions include:

    • Detoxification,
    • Relaxation,
    • Weight Loss,
    • Pain Relief,
    • Decreasing Inflammation,
    • Muscle Recovery,
    • Improved Circulation,
    • Anti-Ageing & Skin Purification,
    • Acne Reduction,
    • Reducing Cellulite & Fine Lines,
    • Boosting the Immune System by Increasing the White Blood Cell Count,
    • Lower Blood Pressure,
    • Cellular Health & Regeneration and Relief of Joint Stiffness and Arthritis just to name a few,                             Every one of us have some of these problems this is a great way to do something to help our self and improve your own life.


    Laying down is the most effective and comfortable way to take a sauna. Not only is it more relaxing but there are important physiological reasons why laying down is more therapeutic than sitting. Laying down in the dome promotes distinct cardiovascular and neurological advantages.

    Laying down relieves the nervous system and cardiovascular system of the extra stress that is required to maintain an erect posture. Gravity places a burden on the system which is why the rest and repair of sleep is naturally laying down.

    The cardiovascular system is relieved from postural demands in the a laying down position. Under the heat stress which is common in a sauna the regulation of internal body responses toward self healing is maximized with the greatest degree of relaxation. Keeping the head outside and cool while laying down is the optimal way to get the most benefits with the least discomfort.

    The Hot Bodz Sauna was designed to help a wide range of therapists provide an added service to their treatments. 1. Treatments at 55° target stress induce a deep sense of relaxation, release tension – which is what the experts say is vital for better sleep. Stress and poor sleep can dramatically slow the healing process. 2. Treatments at 75° boost the metabolism to speed the healing process, fight aches and pains and boost the circulation of stem cells.The increase in circulation also helps to speed a fresh supply of oxygen to where it’s needed for healing and recovery. Support your clients will appreciate. Across Australia the infra-red therapies are used in a wide variety of practices:

    • Naturopathic and Wellness Clinics
    • Chiropractic Clinics,
    • Physiotherapy Centres
    • Sports Therapy and Detox Centres
    • Beauty Clinics/Massage & Yoga Centres
    • Weight Loss & Sleep Loss Centres

    How often should I use the Sauna?

    This is a matter of personal preference and it will depend on what you are trying to treat. The sauna can be used as little as once a week or as often as once a day (for short periods). The main issue is to avoid dehydration, something that can occur if you don’t maintain a high water intake.

    In most instances, using the sauna 2-3 times a week will produce optimum results. Why am I not sweating yet? Some people sweat more easily than others but in general, a lack of sweat is the result of two possibilities: The temperature may not be high enough for your particular metabolism and/or you may not have drunk enough water. It is very important to drink lots of water leading up to the sauna (to produce sweating) and after the sauna (to replenish lost fluids). If eight glasses of water is the minimum recommended amount for adults, double this when using a FIR sauna.

    Can I use the sauna if I am ill? Don’t use the sauna if you have an illness or infection of any kind. Anyone with a health condition of any kind should first check with their GP or health professional before using a FIR sauna.

    How long should I stay in the sauna? Once you have achieved the desired temperature, 30 minutes is usually an ample amount of time however if you wish to increase this further, the timer can be adjusted while the sauna is in use. It is far better to use the sauna 2-3 times a week for 30 minutes than to use it once a week for a longer amount of time. Once the timer has expired and the sauna has turned itself off, remain lying quietly for another 10 minutes or so while the body continues to sweat. It will still be detoxing.

    What temperature should I set it to? Again, this is a matter of personal preference. If you are new to FIR saunas, try 70°C or 75°C. Many people prefer it hotter than this and set it to 80°C or 85°C. You will need to test this out for yourself and see which temperature produces the best sweat. The sauna is capable of going as high as 90°C but most people would find this too hot. The Hot Bodz Deluxe Model produces a good even heat due to the germanium and tourmaline stones embedded inside the cover so start at lower temperatures and work your way up.
    Remember Ready sweat Glow


    Hot Bodzwas established in April 2018 as a partnership between Raymond Wyborn & Elizabeth Kirby, both Raymond & Elizabeth has individually had various occupations throughout their lives including many years in marketing & sales.

    Elizabeth has a sister business called U Name It Promotional Products and has owned this business since 1998 thus celebrating 20 years in September and Raymond is the Trade Strategist for Follow Me Trading.

    As a result we both have extensive experience in taking care of business and our clients are our priority. We are committed to provide our customers and distributors with uncompromising service and attention to detail.

    Based at the sunny  Gold Coast in South East Queensland since the early 2000’s. Our philosophy is to always supply quality FIR saunas and associated products that will enhance the sauna experience, combined with a high standard of customer service.

    Our Vision:

    To be recognised in the alternative wellness industry as a leading product and service provider, offering quality saunas & associated products along with education on health related issues through a regular newsletter in order to share practical knowledge & information to enhance wellness on a daily basis.

    Our Mission:

    To implement a high level of customer service and provide a hire/sales environment for our customers so our clients can experience the benefits of regular FIR sauna sessions which includes reducing toxins in the body through sweating leading to a general feeling of wellbeing; weight loss; a better sleep, relief from aches & pains, aids rejuvenation of the body & lessens anxiety; induces collagen in the skin leading to better skin conditioning for younger looking skin, just to name a few.
    We will be introducing associated products that enhance the sauna experience such as minerals and supplements that sustain the body’s needs that may have been lost along with toxins through sweating and environmentally conscious everyday household products plus fun associated apparel you will be proud to wear. The more we grow the more we will be introducing & expanding our product base- all to enhance wellness in all aspects of our client’s journey in health & vitality.

    Our Values:

    Integrity, honesty, service, responsiveness, perseverance, partnerships, teamwork and continuous system and product development.

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